Creative Engineering, Inc. has been a leader in the Family Entertainment business for nearly 30 years  During that time we designed and manufactured  sophisticated animatronic stage shows for many amusement parks and entertainment centers around the world and co-founded Showbiz Pizza Place in 1979, which is now known as Chuck E. Cheese, Inc.  Creative Engineering, Inc. is still owned and operated primarily by its founder, Aaron Fechter. 

Aaron invented the arcade game, "Wac-A-Mole" in 1976, and sold the original prototype to a carnival operator from Gibsonton, Florida who sold it to Bob Cassada of Bob's Space Racers.  Bob quickly copied the game practically without any changes, and even trademarked the name Aaron had coined.  Aaron had bigger fish to fry, however and was not worried about the loss of the game and even became, indirectly Bob's Space Racer's biggest customer, when Showbiz Pizza Place was buying more of the Wac-A-Mole than any other Bob's Space Racer's customer.  Yes, Aaron considers one of his biggest flops to have not been in control of the Wack-A-Mole Intellectual Property during the game's development and after it left his shop in 1976.  But, he doesn't stay up nights, writing long missives about it on the Internet either.

In the 90's, we pioneered the Chuck E. Cheese "killer" of the century in a concept  called "Looney Bird's.  That didn't exactly work out.  I still stay up nights writing long missives about that one.

Details of development of the Starlauncher will be forthcoming.
We have been involved in many other projects of various sizes and technologies ranging from development of robotic soldiers for the U.S. Army (a great success, I might add) to water removal systems for commercial roofs (not one of my best), but our forte continues to be developing high-tech equipment to entertain and amuse the public while developing the self-esteem of the participants.

Our Main focus today are two secret projects code named, "Operation Make the Rock-afire Famous again" and "Aaron Fechter's Animatronics Experimenter's Kit".

This biography was last updated on 8/3/2008 by Aaron

Update: 10/5/2013

The water removal system for roofs turns out to be the invention that really saved us from losing everything in the flood after the devestating indoor sonic boom of 09/26/2013.

Maybe it WAS one of my best!